Image by Syed Ahmad


Moondrops are the first Utility for SOLANA PHANTOMS NFTs.


Each CREATOR COMMISSION of exchanges on the secondary market, which correspond to 12.5% of the total amount of the transaction, will be kept in the TREASURY WALLET (46TaQonVZytBhRydhENGGwGCmdFGvbqQ4buBuxr7Vgnn)


At midnight of each full moon,

40% of the TREASURY WALLET will be sent to the MOONDROP WALLET (Bpr6TNxZFkVBhBZvPGHRPBU24wPyXYVFMWWQ74xEkkPw), and from there, every single SOLANA PHANTOM will receive a fair portion of 100% of the MOONDROP Wallet in $SOL (corresponding to approximately 0.0024% of the total amount of each transaction on the secondary market).


If you help the project, the project will help you.