to get MoonDrops

40% of Royalties back to holders!

The Collection

SOLANA PHANTOMS is a collection of 2022 ghosts that haunt the Solana Blockchain.
Each Ghost will entitle you to the MOONDROP, an Airdrop of 40% of the collection's royalties  over the course of a lunar month: each MOONDROP will be sent at midnight on each full Moon.

- IPFS Storage 
- Rarity Ranks
- 96 Different Traits



Q1 - 2022
  • Collection Design

We will design 2022 unique NFTs high in resolution with 96 different traits AI randomized.

Q2 - 2022
  • Community creation

(Twitter, Instagram, Discord, TikTok, Reddit, Youtube)


  • Website Launch

We'll launch the website in Web2 until the Mint is done​, to let peoples know more about our project

  • Pre approval on Magic Eden 

  • 1 of 1 auction of Magic Eden

  • Collection Mint (TBA)

  • Start of MOONDROPS ($SOL)​

When the Mint is closed, holders will receive the 40% of our Artist Royalties on a monthly base directly in their wallets trough Airdrop. Visit the MoonDrop Page for more informations.

  • Investor DAO Launch

Due to the critical conditions of crypto market, we will launch a DAO who will decide how, when and where invest part of the Mint Funds, to grow the project's capital and go forward our RoadMap. Successful Investments will reward the community with special Airdrops.

  • Philanthropic DAO Launch

Every month, we will purpose 5 different causes to support with charity donations to help the peoples and the environment.

Q3 - 2022
  • (V2) Staking Website Launch

We will convert our Web2 website into a Web3 platform​ to allow holders to Stake their Nfts. 

Staking your SolanaPhantom, will delegate to the developers your right to receive Moondrops, so your Montly rewards will be forwarded into the $PLASMA-LIQUID-POOL.

Instead of receiving $SOL on each Moondrop, staked NFTs will start earning $PLASMA.

  • $PLASMA Token launch 

$PLASMA will be the official SPL token of SolanaPhantoms Project. 
In the phase one the token will be used only trough our Plaform. Holders will be able to buy PhantomLotto tickets to win valuable NFTs, Technologic Gadgets and many more surprises. 

Will be released also the PhantomMarket, where holders will use $PLASMA to buy Giftcards, Events Tickets and many more. 

  • $PLASMA Token listing on various Exchanges

After the release of the first two utilities of $PLASMA, we will list the token on Major DeXs with anti-whale and anti-rug protocols.

  • $SHINE Token Airdrop to PHANTOMS holders

We will send an X amount to every SolanaPhantom holder, rewarding staked NFTs with an extra amount of $PLASMA.

Q4 - 2022
  • Increase Team Members

  • V2 Nft collection

  • Special announcement on 31-12-2022

  • New 2023 Roadmap




​◉ MoonDrop

​◉ Roadmap Development


This percentage is particularly high due to the Moondrop Protocol : the 5% of CREATOR COMMISSION will be divided between the holders.


45% : Roadmap Development

40% : MoonDrop

10% : Team

5% : Philanthropic activities

​◉ Team 

​◉ Philanthropy



(CEO) Full Stack Developer

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Co-Founder, Graphic Designer

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Marketing Director

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Social Media Manager

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